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  • The corporate training and business consultancy arm of SHINGDA Group of Companies; a BCA Approved Training and Testing Centre (ATTC) in 2011
  • An all-inclusive learning provider, curating over 150 management, soft skills and BCA approved trade-related courses for organizations with different training needs, ranging from cyber security, analytics, innovation and creativity, digital marketing to negotiation skills etc.
  • Successfully delivered training for more than 1,000 client companies and trained over 10,000 candidates as Singapore’s largest ATTC training centre for Structural Steel Works with 78 test bays.
  • An exceptional team of management experts, coaches and facilitators who have calibrated and delivered high-quality training and business consultancy solutions for MNCs, SMEs, government linked companies and the public sector.
  • Trainers/ Facilitators were specially handpicked based on their solid theoretical foundations, engaging learning methodologies and proven training track records.

SHINGDA – Corporate Training & Business Consultancy

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